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The Breslin believes in sharing!  For tables of ten or more let us tempt you with a whole animal feast. With 48hrs notice we design a sharing menu around a whole suckling pig, goat or milk fed lamb from our rotisserie with all trimmings.

Welcome to The Breslin Bar & Grill

Based on the Left Bank, Southbank overlooking the Yarra River, The Breslin Bar and Grill is aiming to be the best whole carcass based Restaurant in the market. We are an ‘in your face’ meat, sausage, curing and terrine brassiere. The Breslin concept of using every part of the animal and re discovering secondary cuts of meat such as brisket, shin, flank, and ribs isn’t ‘new’ and can be found in places such as the Square, St Johns and every provincial bistro in France.