Best Ribs In Melbourne

What is the Breslin?

Based on the Left Bank,  Southbank overlooking the Yarra River,  The Breslin Bar and Grill is aiming to be the best whole carcass based Restaurant in the market.  The Breslin concept of using every part of the animal and re discovering secondary cuts of meat such as brisket, shin, flank, and ribs isn’t ‘new’ and can be found in places such as the Square, St Johns and every provincial bistro in France.  We are an ‘in your face’ meat, sausage, curing and terrine brassiere.  We use our massive chalkboards to communicate our changing specials and seasonal produce.


It is not nose to tail. It is whole carcass and the utilization thereof.  New York attitude and style combined with modern and classic technique, The Breslin Bar & Grill presents to Melbourne the very best an animal can provide for us, using all cooking methods available and the best suppliers of salami’s, small goods and meats in Victoria.

The Bar:

Creating a unique, knowledgeable bar experience, from the classic’s to the extreme, we use the latest techniques to offer a service similar to a New York bar.    Fun, playful and entertaining.

The Food:

The aim of our food is to showcase the amazing produce to be had within a 200 km radius of Melbourne.  Taking in the Otway’s, Gippsland, and the Peninsula.  Whole carcass usage looks at both our primary cuts such as fillet, sirloin, rump and T-bone as well a secondary cuts and offal.  A Mornington Peninsula based produce supplier allows us to change quickly with the seasons to present to you a balanced menu.  Dry aging is a technique we use at The Breslin which allows the meat to break down with natural enzymes and removes water content from the cut.  This technique presents as a very tender piece of meat with good gamey flavours.

The Rotisserie imparts a lovely smoky flavour into the meat as well as being a surprisingly delicate cooking method and great show pony.

Our Mission:

To continually create and present to Melbourne a whole carcass based meat restaurant, a bar experience that is vibrant and entertaining and a venue that exudes attitude and class.