Beverage Menu

Americano 18
Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Club Soda
A cocktail you’ll love at first sip. In fact they say that once you’ve tried it you’ll never get tired of its special texture and striking mix of flavours.

French 75 18
Dry Gin, Lemon, Sugar, Champagne
The drink dates to 1915… Another ‘Harry’s Bar’ favourite, guaranteed to give your night the kick start it needs!

main course

noun: main course; plural noun: main courses the most substantial course of a meal.
“it is vital to have a light first course and pud on either side of a heavy main course”

The Hurricane 20
White Rum, Dark Rum, Passionfruit, Orange, Lime, Sugar, Grenadine
When in Rome? How about when in New Orleans? This powerful tropical drink will transport you to the French Quarter with the first sip. Created in the 1940’s, this super boozy concoction that will get the party started no matter where you are.

Penicillin 20
Blended Scotch, Islay Scotch, Lemon, Honey, Ginger
Liquid therapy comes in the form of Penicillin. The perfect remedy for “whatever ails ya”

Clover Club 20
Dry Gin, Lemon, Raspberry, Egg White
Originally named for a Philadelphia social club with roots tracing back to the 1800’s, the clover club was, for decades, one of the marks of a sophisticated boozer, a manly drink (despite its pink hue). Are you man enough?

Southside 20
Dry Gin, Lime, Sugar, Mint
Picture 1920’s Chicago, sat in a speakeasy bar, surrounded by gangsters and their molls…..what more could you want?!

Black Julep 20
Kentucky Bourbon, Blackberries, Mint, Sugar
The traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby during which some 80,000 juleps are served!
Simple and refreshing, but don’t be misled….this drink certainly packs a mighty punch!


the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal

Espresso Martini 18
Vodka, Vanilla Liquor, Coffee Liquor, Espresso
Skip the after dinner coffee and go straight to the Espresso Martini. A perfect finish to the evening.

Hot Buttered Spiced Rum 18
Spiced Rum, Maple Syrup, Butter
The perfect winter drink. Warm and comforting, which is just what we need as we gravitate towards the coldest days of the year.

Favourite (Bartenders)
preferred to all others of the same kind.

Sazerac 22
Rye Bourbon (New York) or Cognac (New Orleans), Absinth rinse, Peychauds Bitters, Sugar, Lemon
This iconic New Orleans cocktail dates to the 1850’s, when it was first served at the ‘Sazerac Coffee House’. Whether you go classic New Orleans or the modern New York, you won’t be disappointed. Choose your poison!

Old Fashioned 20
Rum or Bourbon, Sugar, Bitters, Orange
Classic name that’s better on the palate than it sounds to the ear.

Café Patron Espresso Martini 22
Café Patron Espresso Tequila Liquor, Vanilla liquor, Espresso
The Espresso Martini taken to the next level! The classic pick-me-up with a kick!

Hanky Panky 22
Dry Gin, Sweet vermouth, Fernet Branca, Orange
“That is the real hanky panky’, and the hanky panky it has been called ever since”
The Hanky Panky is a variation on the sweet martini. The secret to this drink is the addition of Fernet Branca.

The Last Word 22
Dry Gin, Green Chartreuse, Luxardo Maraschino Liquor, Lime
A rediscovered gem straight out of the prohibition era. The Last Word is one of the finest cocktails to come out of that era.

Manhattan 20
Rye Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters
One of the finest and oldest cocktails, the Manhattan is truly a classic cocktail.

Negroni 20
Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Gin
It’s the only drink to order these days if you want to a) Tell everyone around you that you’re smart, savvy and sophisticated and b) enjoy one of the very best tipples you ever did sip.

Boulevardier 20
Rye, Campari, Sweet Vermouth
The boulevardier dates back to prohibition. One of the greatest cocktails ever made (not biased at all)
A cousin to the Negroni. Sweet, bitter and smooth, with a more robust flavour profile. We like to use Rye Bourbon in ours for that extra little something, I like mine served on the rocks but straight up is just as good!

Tap Beer

Furphy’s Refreshing Ale

James Squire – 150 Lashes Pale Ale

Little Creatures Pilsner

White Rabbit White Ale


Asahi – Super Dry   (5.0%)

Bottled Beer

James Boags Premium Lager

James Boags Light

Birra Moretti

James Squire Chancer Golden Ale

Crown Lager

White Rabbit Dark Ale

Little Creatures Bright Ale

Little Creatures Hotchkiss Six Stout



James Squire Orchard Crush Apple   (4.8%)

James Squire Orchard Crush Pear  (5.0%)

Somersby Apple Cider   (4.5%)

Somersby Pear Cider (4.5%)

Sparkling & Champagne by the glass

NV          Seppelt ‘The Drives’
NV          Chandon Brut
NV          Chandon Brut Rose
NV          Moët & Chandon
NV          Vallate Prosecco
15            T’Gallant Sparkling Moscato


Whites by the glass  

15            Leo Buring Riesling
15            Wolf Blass Gold Label Riesling
15           Cape Schanck Pinot Grigio
15           T’Gallant ‘Grace’ Pinot Grigio
15            Trout Valley Reserve Pinot Gris
15           Angel Cove  Sauvignon Blanc
15            Ra Nui Sauvignon Blanc
15            Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc
14            Echo Beach SSB
15           Seppelt ‘The Drives’ Chardonnay
14           Domaine Chandon Chardonnay


Rosé by the glass

15            Squealing Pig Rose
15            House of Cards Rose


Reds by the glass 

15            Cape Schanck Pinot Noir
14           Fickle Mistress Pinot Noir
14            Echo Beach Cabernet Merlot
13            Pertaringa ‘Stage Left’  Merlot
13            Whistle Post Cabernet Sauvignon
14            Wynns Black Label Cab Sauv
15            Seppelt ‘The Drives’ Shiraz
14            Rosemount Little Berry Estate Shiraz
14           Baileys Shiraz
13            Penfolds Kalimna Bin 28 Shiraz
13            Cape Mentelle Shiraz
14            Penascal Estate Tempranillo


Dessert Wine by the glass                                                                                                                                     

15          Penfolds Cellar Reserve Viognier




Sparkling & Champagne


Australian/NZ Sparklings :

NV          Seppelt ‘The Drives’
NV          Chandon Brut
NV          Cloudy Bay – Pelorus


French NV :

NV          Moët & Chandon
NV         Les Petites Vignettes
NV          Veuve Clicquot


Sparkling/Moscato :

NV          Vallatte Prosecco
15            T’Gallant Sparkling Moscato
NV          Chandon Sparkling Rosé
NV          Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial


French Vintage :

04           Moët & Chandon
04           Veuve Clicquot



15            Leo Buring
14            Penna Lane ‘Skilly’
15            Wolf Blass Gold Label


Pinot Grigio

15          Cape Schanck
15          T’Gallant ‘Grace’

Pinot Gris

13            Cloudy Bay
14            Moores Hill
15            Trout Valley Reserve


Sauvignon Blanc

15           Angel Cove
15            Squealing Pig
15            Ra Nui
13            Coldstream Hills
15            Cloudy Bay


Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc/Blends

14            Echo Beach SSB
15            Cape Mentelle SSB
15            Hungerford Hill Semillon



15            Seppelt ‘The Drives’
15            Coldstream Hills
14            Domaine Chandon
14            Penfolds Bin 311
13            Devils Lair Estate
15            House Of Cards

15            Squealing Pig Rose
15            Seville Hill
15            House of Cards


Pinot Noir

15            Cape Schanck
14            Fickle Mistress
15            Nepenthe
15            Penfolds Cellar Reserve
14            Ra Nui ‘Toa’
14            Domaine Chandon
15            Coldstream Hills
12            Wild Earth Estate
14            Squealing Pig


13            Pertaringa ‘Stage Left’
15            Lost Block
13            Shottesbrooke


Cabernet Sauvignon
13            Whistle Post
13            Tahbilk
14            Wynns Black Label
14            K1 by Geoff Hardy
13            Devil’s Lair Estate
14            Wynns ‘The Gables’
12         Penfolds Bin 707

Cabernet Blends, Others

14            Echo Beach Cabernet Merlot
13            Cape Mentelle ‘Trinders’ Cab/Merlot
14            Pensascal Estate  Tempranillo
14            Shottesbrooke GSM
13            Penfolds Bin 389



15            Seppelt ‘The Drives’
14            Tahbilk
13            Hugo Reserve
14            Rosemount Estate – Little Berry
14           Baileys
15            Smallfry
14            Sanguine Estate Progeny
13            Penfolds Kalimna Bin 28
13            Cape Mentelle
13            Saltram Mamre Brook
15            Domaine Miller
12            Saltram No1
10            Penfolds St Henri
12         Penfolds RWT


Dessert Wine

15          Penfolds Cellar Reserve Viognier
10          Moores Hill Late Harvest Riesling


Amaro Montenegro
Fernet Branca
Carpano Antica Formula
Grappa Piave

Russian Standard
Absolut Citrus
Absolut Vanilla
Belvedere Pure
Grey Goose

Bombay Sapphire
Tanqueray 10
Gin Mare


Havana Club White
Havana Club Dark
Captain Morgan’s Spiced Black
Ron Zacapa


Chivas Regal
Chivas Regal 18YO
Famous Grouse
Johnnie Walker Black
Johnnie Walker Red
Johnnie Walker Blue
Nikka – From The Barrel
Monkey Shoulder

Single Malt

Ardbeg  10 YO
Glenmorangie Original
Glenmorangie Lasanta
Glenfiddich 12YO
Glenfiddich 18YO
Laphroiag 10YO
Glenlivet 18YO

Whiskey & Other

Canadian Club
Jamesons Irish Whiskey
Southern Comfort
Jack Daniels
Jim Beam
Maker’s Mark
Wild Turkey
Basil Hayden’s


Sauza Tequila
1800 Anejo
Herradura Reposado
Herradura Anejo
Patron XO Cafe Patron


Courvoisier X.O
Hennessy X.O
Hennessy Paradis Reserve
Hennessy V.S.O.P
Remy Martin V.S.O.P.



Chateau Tandunda Brandy
Metaxa 5 Star
Metaxa 7 Star


Baileys Irish Cream
Dom Benedictine
Galliano Amaretto

Spirits Continued

Galliano Black Sambuca
Galliano White Sambuca
Galliano Liqueur
Grand Marnier
Tia Maria

Port & Fortified Wine

Mr Pickwicks Port
Penfolds Grandfather Port
Galway Pipe Port
Baileys of Glenrowan ‘Founders’ Muscat
Baileys of Glenrowan ‘Founders’ Topaque
Pedro Ximenez Sherry